Course curriculum

  • 1

    Solving the Handwriting Puzzle

    • Introduction

    • Letter Formation

    • Line Orientation

    • Letter Size

    • Spacing and Pressure

    • Completing The Handwriting Puzzle

    • More Handwriting Samples

  • 2

    Specific Strategies For Common Handwriting Problems.

    • Hand Dominance

    • Reversals

    • Copying From An Overhead Board

    • Slow Writer

  • 3

    Handwriting Conventions

    • Handwriting in History and Next Steps

  • 4


    • Course Quiz

  • 5

    Course Evaluation/ Course Manual

    • Course Evaluation

    • Course Manual

About The Course

  • About

    The Solving the Handwriting Puzzle program was created for 2 main reasons. The first reason was to create a handwriting program that was linear and has easy to follow steps to teach and correct handwriting. The second reason this program was created, was to help build students' self esteem as handwriters. After 24 year of working as an occupational therapist, I have seen many students struggle with handwriting and have "emotional walls". These "emotional walls" limit the students ability to improve their handwriting, due to their poor self image. This program uses positive language and empowers the student to feel better about their handwriting, while at the same time improving their handwriting quality.

  • Learning Objectives

    1. Discover 2 methods to improve students' self esteem. 2. Identify 5 steps to improve handwriting quality. 3. Identify at least 2 treatment strategies to improve letter reversals. 4. Identify how to address handwriting pressure. 5. Identify at least 2 treatment strategies to address lack of a hand dominance.

  • Contact Hours/Instructor

    Contact Hour 2/ Instructor: Karin H. Warner, MOT OTR/l. To learn more about Karin, visit View the first slide for free at